The basic design concept for SIPs is elegant in its simplicity, and offers several advantages for constructing walls and roofs. Bonding the foam core to the stiff outer skins creates a web and flange structural. SIPs not only replace conventional framing, but will withstand high wind, seismic forces, and keep transmitter equipment be safe.

There is general agreement that SIPs provide better overall air tightness and practical thermal performance than conventionally framed walls. Panel systems  offer a dense, uniform and continuous air barrier with few thermal bridges, and no opportunity for internal convection.

Door & Accessories such as:

  • Add Roof frame Customized omega profile bended galvanized plate
  • Lockset & Handle
  • Door & Fan Canopy pre-painted galvanized sheet
  • Vinyl Tile

Raw material Base Framse, such as:

  • Iron UNP 80, 100, 150 mm with hot deep galvanized steel
  • Pedestall can produce high quality of all type shelter from customer order.

“ Thermal Efficiency ● Easy to Install ● Hygienic and Easy to Clean ● Long Lasting ● Moveable ”